Welcome to the Shadows

Things I would like to know about your char:

  • Physical and Mental Stats for your char (include Edge and Magic[if you have it])
  • List of Positive and Negative qualities
  • Equipment you carry on a regular basis (you cant carry all your gear all the time)
  • A short reason why your character started shadowrunning (1-2 sentences)
  • A short reason why your character stays with the group (1-2 sentences)


The year is 2078, it has been 6 years since a strange comet passed within 10k miles of earth. Everything seemed normal until a new Corp started making its way up the ladder and became a premier mega-corp in 2076. They are know as The Hand of Righteousness. As they grew they quickly overshadowed Ares Macro-Technology as the most advanced weapons manufacturer of the time. This of course has made them many enemies among the other mega-corps. Many attempts have been made to find out how they are being successful but so far all have ended in failure. How did they get so powerful so fast? How are they coming up with such advanced technology so fast? What are there motives behind what they do?

We enter this world with these questions in the forefront of our minds as a group of Runners all receive a meeting invite from a Mr. Johnson all at the same time.


The Dead

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