The Dead

The Highbinder - A New Face
Story by WE'LLSEE

This just in. Cameras in the ‘burbs have uncovered several slaughters of civilians. Coming to you from in front of security camera’s replay screen, this is WE’LLSEE. Footage from a local flower shop depicts a group of motorcycle riders pulling up to the sidewalk. Shortly after, a man collapses on the sidewalk for no explicable reason. Men begin rushing to the scene, and a fight breaks out. Weapons come out of nowhere, but the leader of the motorcycle group is quick to deliver devastating blows with a massive hammer, and propel himself with a large rectangular contraption. Over twenty-three died in this the first assault. The second assault occurred in a local children’s park near the swing-set. Another twenty seven individuals were slaughtered. Both of these incidents occurred in neighborhoods where violence has been on the rise in less than a month.
But what do I bring to your attention? That is a good question. Let me preface my conclusions with a heartfelt apology. It seems I was mistaken in my assumption that Red Cloud was an ex-government agency.

Earlier that same day, a motorcycle with a large steel door on its side set off from a small church several miles away. That’s right folks, you guessed it. The perpetrator to the above incidents was none other than Pusher and his cronies Pinky and Spiney. So, why would these folks attack civilians? The obvious answer: These weren’t ordinary civilians. Of those killed almost all of them were members of a secretive organization known as the Open Hand. Not much is known about the open hand, but I’ll fill you in. They operate individually, but they stand together when faced by an opposition. Clearly this Open Hand refers to the Open Hand of God, marking this group as a religious organization. Thus, a religious war was started. No doubt Red Cloud is not an ex-government group, but a religious organization, trying to stop or bring about some unholy apocalypse. And my, what power they have. Rumors have it that one of the holy (or unholy) members of Red Cloud, known as Spiney, punched out somebody’s spinal column through the chest. Ironic, I know. Spiney punching out a spine. I was beginning to wonder with my previous conclusions, how these members were so skilled and deadly. What with the awakening occuring, it makes perfect sense that religion has also become an affected factor. No doubt their religious fervor has manifested in increased strength, combat prowess and the ability to destroy infidels. This latest developement changes everything. I have no doubt that the churches are involved. I’ll return to you when I have more information. This is WE’LLSEE signing off to SEE more. Later.

Dearly Beloved
Justice of the War


Dearly beloved… and Pretty Boy, we are gathered here today, in the sight of the Neighborhood Watch and this company, to witness and party hard for one of life’s greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes and blessings to the union of Isabella and Pretty Boy… because apparently, I’m not good enough.

Isabella and Pretty Boy <hubris> I mean Evan, marriage is an institution ordained by me, and it is not to be entered into lightly or unadvisedly… or else! But reverently, deliberately, and only after a lot of really hard consideration, for in coming together in marriage you are committing yourselves exclusively,to each other for as long as you both shall live and if you don’t I’m going to hit you with this hammer.

So here’s the deal: Do you Cough Evan, choose to marry the lovely miss Isabella right now.; to speak the words that will join you with her as your wife, forever? If so, please answer: I DO

Evan: I do

Do you Miss Isabella, choose to marry Pretty Boy <elbow> Evan on this day; to speak the words that will join you with him as your husband, for as long as you find me unactractive? If so, please answer: I DO

Isabella: I do.

Then, if you would, please turn to face one another and join hands as you each take your
marital vows:

Beginning with you, silly man:
Do you, Evan, take Isabella, to be your lawfully wedded wife; to love and protect, from bullets and rpg’s, from careening vehicles and the odd possessed superhuman child, and myself when I’ll probably try to kill you five years from now? Do you take her completely and forever, such that if you ever hurt her I will impale your head on a golf club in front of the children’s center?
If so, please answer: I DO.

Evan: Uh… (Looking pleadingly toward Isabella) I do?

And now you, Isabella:
Do you, Isabella Von Awesomeness, take this pansy, to be your lawfully wedded husband;to love and protect, from bullets and rpg’s, from careening vehicles and the odd possessed superhuman child, and myself when I’ll probably try to kill you five years from now? Until the day you both die in a horribly tragic flaming screaming metal deathtrap death? And for as long as I am the sexiest orc ever? If so, please answer: I DO.

Isabella: I do…


What tokens of love and respect do you offer each other? Hand grenades? Flat Screen Televisions? A $20 gift card to Granny’s Counrty Buffet?

<rings />

The wedding ring is the outward sign of the cycle of the word, signifying to all
the union life and death, inevitability and progress. Some guy once said, “The nature of God is like a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere.” But he was full of crap. The world is what binds us together. May the rings that you hold symbolize the nature of God in your lives, and as often as either of you see them, may you be reminded of this moment and the endless love you have promised to each other, even if he is a pretty boy.

Evan, as you present Isabella with her wedding ring and pledge your love and your
life to her, will you please repeat after me:

Baby, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. With all that I am, and all
that I have, I promise to love and honor you always. With this ring, I thee wed.

Evan: <repeats>

Isabella as you present Pretty Boy with his wedding ring and pledge your love and your
life to him, will you please repeat after me:
Pretty Boy, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. With all that I am, and all
that I have, I promise to love and honor you always. With this ring, I thee wed.

Isabella: <repeats>

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, if each of you is earnest insomuch as to join together, than please spill a drop of your blood into this sacred goblet to join each other before this earth and garden in a bond that can never be broken. <they>

I now pronounce you mates for eternity. And may no man
tear it asunder <crowbar>.
Okay, you may now make out!


At the speed way

So this is a little unexpected, Evan invited me along with Izzy (don’t tell her I put that she hates when I call her that) to the speedway. sigh the speedway is one place I’ve always wanted to go but more than that I’ve always wanted to drive the vehicles. You know. I mean racing down the track….pushing Mach 7 or so..arhh it’s like one of those unreachable dreams.

Anyway I of course went with especially since it was to the speedway. We get there and to my surprise we aloud to walk among the vehicles, both cars and hover cars. Several time I had to check myself to wipe some of the drool that was leaking out of my mouth. But nothing gets by Evan and he asked if I wanted to drive some…(in head…No I don’t want to drive any I just want to walk around looking at them…are you beeping kidding me of course I want to what kind of stupid question is that) Hell yeah is what I actually said.

The thing about all of them is that you had to wear a g-force suit so that your body won’t feel all of the g’s that are being exerted onto the car and your body. I was able to drive 3 of them, one being a hover car which I got to take of a half mile speed course and really put it through its paces. sigh they wouldn’t let me drive the drag hover cars though…said I wasn’t qualified or I didn’t have the training or something like that to be able to drive them…oh well at least I got to see them speed down their perspective tracks. The tracks being half mile and 1 mile long drag tracks.

Needless to say it was the best day of my life. If I didn’t enjoy being alive I would pay Evan to marry my sister and even though she would probably agree she would still kill me on principle alone.

-Jace Lightwood

French Rock Opera

after our “outing” at the zoo crowbar agreed to come with me to the opera. I rush to the ticket booth before crowbar can make a scene (he had brought his cardboard “mobile-home” with him…). I quickly find our seats. Crowbar seems to be interested enough to get out of his box and take his seat. The opera begins

(Hubris next to crowbar in a crowded theatre… theatre):

Crowbar: Huubris… this is really dull… there is not even piles of trash to make the stage look pretty.
Hubris: ignore
Crowbar: … … … … … … … …
opera singer: (in french of course) “Living is my hearts fondest desiiiire!! The display of art and the wonder of composition and expression bring me such joooooyy!!”
Crowbar: Hoobris is it Inter-… innert… i-in-.. that thing you told me about where the boring stops and i can eat out of their trash before i have to be tortured again, yet?
Hubris: ignore
opera singer (ablaze): aaaaaahhhhhh!!! * sprinklers *
Crowbar: Oh look the operaah is over now. that burning person was my favorite.
Hubris: * electrified + sprinklers + Hubrissness *(instant death punch) Oh …Ooops.


after the first act and crowbar still hasn’t done anything though. maybe he is actually enjoying th- nevermind. I’ve seen this opera before and the main actress definitely does not fall unconscious and dive from the second story window head-first into her lovers arms.

“Crowbar. I can’t help but think that you had something to do with that last scene.”

“Well she didn’t really expect him to come to her did he?”

this is not going to end well.

(in french) “Oh my love your passion waxes strong to fling thyself from thy perch!”

wait, what?

“but alas, your eyes have closed! Oh what feelings must have wrought upon your heart! to faint in my waiting arms!”
An amazing save! I wonder how they’re going to follow up though. * thud *

“really crowbar? him too?”

  • enter the rival in love * “aha! the object of my desire and the object of my scorn both fallen before me! I shall cleave to the one and cleave into the other!”
    Even the guy from off stage eh? This is getting interesting. The band suddenly begins playing a rather different tune as this unfolds. looking toward the orchestra, i notice the flames… the director is flailing wildly and throwing the orchestra into… chaos? not so much. The tempo has raised and the beat really began picking up but it’s the same song. more actors frantically enter the stage as if to answer the music.

“Knave! unhand that man!”

“Foul lecher Keep thy lust far from my daughter!”

It’s going to be a battle. The set begins to burn. surrounded by climbing flames the actors engage in pitched combat to the raucous tune of the now-less-frantic director. The actors are armed with some strange props for combat scene though (lack of such props for such a situation in an opera with no actual combat planned is to be expected i suppose). Actors begin smashing flower pots over each other and throwing silverware. one man even rides a fake horse onto the stage as if he’s charging (the horse being two men in a suit) with a lamp post as his lance. All this chaos amongst the flames. It was beautiful. I move to get out of my seat.

“It’s just a play Hoobris, besides it’s almost over.”
the opera still has two more parts.

  • blast *

In a huge wave of force, the actors are all thrown from the stage into the audience. unconscious… I’ve gotta see what they come up with after that. A young boy now steps out onto the destroyed set.

“Is there any doubt that the most destructive and violent force in this world is that hurricane of the human soul?”

I give it an eight out of ten. But what could you expect on such short notice.

The Concrete Jungle... and the jungle Crowbar "invited" me to.

I wonder if my violin really enjoys having the bow dragged across it all the time. I haven’t had much time to think about that.

“well I guess I could just ask right P-”

“Everyone! Hubris and I are going to the zoo! anyone else want to come?!”

i don’t want to go, I’m not going. “Crowbar I—” lifted into an under the arm carry

“Time to go Hoobriss!” I am not going * managed escape * * grabbed by collar * * commence dragging *

“(heavy sigh)” I am so making him take me to the opera later…

the zoo ticket booth doesn’t look to hard to break into a million pieces but crowbar didn’t take out his hammer or knock anyone unconscious yet. Crowbar is actually purchasing the tickets! a little surprising. I just assumed…

(Hubris Dragged By The Crowbar Theater):

ticket booth employee: tickets are- * Thoroughly greeted by Sasha *
Sasha: free!
Crowbar: alright Huoobris, which animal do you want to get eaten by first?
zoo patron (child): Mommy what’s that? is it a gorilla?
Zoo Patron (Mother):No honey, that’s what we call an abominaaaaation, say it with me a-b-o-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n.


of course crowbar wouldn’t notice the joke being made at his expense as he’s too preoccupied finding the most dangerous animal he can throw me too…
(end interrupt)
zoo security: stop right there or we’ll shoot!
Crowbar: oooohhhh look at these monkeys hoobriiiis they look angry. snap
zoo security (flaming monkeys): aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I couldn’t be in any more pain!
crowbar: off we go to the lions den Hoobrisss, and then the awakened lions den!
Hubris(inside lion, well… several lions): no thanks.


this is definitely not what i had expected. maybe I could enjoy myself her-

“we’re gonna see big kitties Hubris” * re-commence dragging * * add bouncing off pavement *

I would say hello to you metal bars but you’re squishing my face- Oh! and I guess i can’t very well greet this giant set of teeth in front of me either…

“Isn’t it cute Hubriis? I think it likes you.” yeah I’m pretty sure it does. From the bottom of its stomach…

“ooooohhhh! I think it would be a good idea for you to have fun with thee sharks!” He’s going to take me there anyway right..? let’s just hope the sharks aren’t hungry…
oh it looks like someone is guarding the aquarium. I’m sorry sir but you probably won’t be seeing your family again poor Mr. security. Maybe i should-

“Um excuse me, you aren’t allowed to enter the aquarium”

“Hoobriss is going to fight with your sharks” * stun bolt * (I’m sorry for you Mr. Security)

“Yeah, no” * ? * (well that was unexpected)

why am I suddenly waking up? and what’s this note? “please don’t come back

“well I guess we’d better leave now crowb-”

“let’s go see the gorillas!” …spare me.

Avoiding the "Bad Magic" II

Back on the road again. It seems like something’s going on outside, and crowbar hasn’t checked on me in a while… Is that gunfire? and a motorcycle maybe? and what was that huge crashing noise?… …

(Hubris’ Under The Bus Theater: Convoy Calamity)

Crowbar Mobile: innocent school bus am I! ha-haaaa!
innocent victims: we are loving our safe and happy lives! yeah!
crowbar: oh we need to take that exit.
Jace: there are too many cars in the way.
crowbar: … * point! *
innocent victims: “our happy lives are now forfeit!” awwww…
crowbar: the exit is ready now * innocent?! smile *
police: it’s that orc!
Toreneko: * Gunfire *


The motorcycle must have been crowbar too i guess. Oh well I guess we’re going to die today as well. * CRASH!! * that was fast.

“oh hello again cold-unfeeling compartment wall, you seem especially aggressive today.”

They could at least not crash the bus while I’m in here. * CRUUUNCH!!! * well that was probably the sound of something deadly… it sounded like something heavy fell from the sky onto something else… this does not surprise me. I think I’ll take a nap… thud! “Ow!” why is the road suddenly bumpy..? and… squishy..? …I’m going to ignore the snapping, crunching noises… yeahhhh… I really need to get some padding down here after all.

Avoiding the "Bad Magic"

what does one do in such a situation..? Riding vehicles seems to aggravate me but I guess this isn’t so bad. At least crowbar can’t toss me out of a window or something as long as I’m- CLANG! CLANG! “Hoobriis! are you okay down there?!”
just ignore him, it’s probably better if he thinks you’re dead.

(Hubris Under The Bus Theater: Crowbar’s Checkup):

Crowbar: “I will go see how hubris is doing.”
Ryu: “how are you going to check while the bus is moving?”
Sasha: ayayayayaieeeeee!!!
Hubris: * splat! *


on second thought… “shut up crowbar.”
“Oh I see you are not dead Hubriis.”
I really do need some padding down here. And a bathroom. hopefully we stop for a break soo-! “Gah!! yeah hello to you too metal cargo storage compartment…” I guess I’d better step out now.

Seems like we’ve been stopped for inspection. I guess now’s a good a time as any. (* CENSORED * for the sake of your sanity, and what little love for the world you still hold, this journal will not reveal the horrors of Hubris’ bodily functions!) Why does the bush always look so terrified afterward? I guess I’d better pickup that tree that fell over too. wasn’t it a different color before… well that’s not important. Oh it looks like it’s our bus’ turn for inspection. No need to worry about me officer, I’m heading back to my cell now anyway.

The Crowbar Mobile

Journal Entry XXXX

Well I was pretty sure that this meeting with the “Death Doctors” was going to be uneventful but everyone went just incase. So the meeting started at midnight at this park in Seattle. Everyone but Crowbar, Hubris, and [dragon boy] stayed in the Crowbar mobile while those three went to meet with the leaders of the DD (Death Doctors). Needless to say I was pretty bored, I mean just sitting there hoping we would be called into bring the pain. So I was surprised and glad when Evan called and asked if I could meet with him. At first I put the team first and that in maybe 45mins I could (just in case something went down) but after some talking and some back and forth I decided 30mins would be more than enough time to see if I really needed to stay.

So 27mins pass and nothing happens (of course) so I head out of the bus to wait for Evan making sure to tell me brother where I was going. Exactly 30mins from the time I talked to Evan he pulls up and after some light banter I get in his very nice car and we drive off. During the drive he shows me one of the guns he had on him; it was a nice weapon, had a good weight was well made and could not be detected by M.A.D scanners. The only problem for me was that the grip was custom made for his hand so I wouldn’t be able to use it as well as he could but regardless it was a very nice firearm.

Anyway we go to a tailor where Evan has the tailor make a wonderful dress for me (even pays for it) that just accentuated everything about me; my hair, my eyes, skin, and even my cyber leg which is pretty hard to do considering its cold hard metal. Anyways it was a very nice dress but didn’t offer any protection like my other dress does but that doesn’t matter. Afterwards we went to a late night comedy play which I found enjoyable which is sure to surprise my brother should I tell him, he thinks I’m so cold you know. So after the show I decided that Evan was trustworthy enough to take me directly back to the safe house. He was definitely surprised when he pulled up to the house but I assured him that the people I worked for where housing me and the rest of the team here. Evan grabbed the case with my armor into and brought it to the door for me and stole a kiss on my cheek. After a small mental battle weighing the risks of being a shadowrunner (with an unknown assassin to deal with as well) and whether I wanted to bring someone into that danger by association.

Although there’s just something about Evan that tells me he can handle himself which is good because I don’t need someone that can not handle themselves. Anyway after a small mental battle I decided Evan was worth it so I grabbed towards me and let the passion loose. It was our first kiss and that made it that much more wonderful and I didn’t want it to end but Evan being the gentlemen he is pulled back before it could go any further. I was disappointed but also happy because Evan didn’t see me as another notch on his bedpost but more as someone he wanted a relationship with….it is refreshing to know that there are still people like that out in the world. Anyway it will be awhile till I see Evan again, he has to go out of town for a week but I’m hoping he’ll be back sooner.


To Isabella Lightwood
For you my love

When I gaze in rapturous admiration
At your perfection and beauty
And stare in wonder and longing
At your swaying, feline grace,
Oh, how it is better to remain silent
Than attempt in total futility
To describe the awe I feel
About matters that speech is incompetent to express
Or strive to convey in vain my wondrous elation,
As I immerse myself in your cerulean eyes
And with utmost joy, tell you,
Just how much I love you.
-Evan Tromden


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