The Dead

Journal Entry XXXX

Well I was pretty sure that this meeting with the “Death Doctors” was going to be uneventful but everyone went just incase. So the meeting started at midnight at this park in Seattle. Everyone but Crowbar, Hubris, and [dragon boy] stayed in the Crowbar mobile while those three went to meet with the leaders of the DD (Death Doctors). Needless to say I was pretty bored, I mean just sitting there hoping we would be called into bring the pain. So I was surprised and glad when Evan called and asked if I could meet with him. At first I put the team first and that in maybe 45mins I could (just in case something went down) but after some talking and some back and forth I decided 30mins would be more than enough time to see if I really needed to stay.

So 27mins pass and nothing happens (of course) so I head out of the bus to wait for Evan making sure to tell me brother where I was going. Exactly 30mins from the time I talked to Evan he pulls up and after some light banter I get in his very nice car and we drive off. During the drive he shows me one of the guns he had on him; it was a nice weapon, had a good weight was well made and could not be detected by M.A.D scanners. The only problem for me was that the grip was custom made for his hand so I wouldn’t be able to use it as well as he could but regardless it was a very nice firearm.

Anyway we go to a tailor where Evan has the tailor make a wonderful dress for me (even pays for it) that just accentuated everything about me; my hair, my eyes, skin, and even my cyber leg which is pretty hard to do considering its cold hard metal. Anyways it was a very nice dress but didn’t offer any protection like my other dress does but that doesn’t matter. Afterwards we went to a late night comedy play which I found enjoyable which is sure to surprise my brother should I tell him, he thinks I’m so cold you know. So after the show I decided that Evan was trustworthy enough to take me directly back to the safe house. He was definitely surprised when he pulled up to the house but I assured him that the people I worked for where housing me and the rest of the team here. Evan grabbed the case with my armor into and brought it to the door for me and stole a kiss on my cheek. After a small mental battle weighing the risks of being a shadowrunner (with an unknown assassin to deal with as well) and whether I wanted to bring someone into that danger by association.

Although there’s just something about Evan that tells me he can handle himself which is good because I don’t need someone that can not handle themselves. Anyway after a small mental battle I decided Evan was worth it so I grabbed towards me and let the passion loose. It was our first kiss and that made it that much more wonderful and I didn’t want it to end but Evan being the gentlemen he is pulled back before it could go any further. I was disappointed but also happy because Evan didn’t see me as another notch on his bedpost but more as someone he wanted a relationship with….it is refreshing to know that there are still people like that out in the world. Anyway it will be awhile till I see Evan again, he has to go out of town for a week but I’m hoping he’ll be back sooner.



hahaha oops I forgot to put in Ryuunosuke Shinobu where [dragon boy] is. My bad.

Journal Entry XXXX
MrSmileys Aziraal

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