The Dead

The Highbinder - A New Face

Story by WE'LLSEE

This just in. Cameras in the ‘burbs have uncovered several slaughters of civilians. Coming to you from in front of security camera’s replay screen, this is WE’LLSEE. Footage from a local flower shop depicts a group of motorcycle riders pulling up to the sidewalk. Shortly after, a man collapses on the sidewalk for no explicable reason. Men begin rushing to the scene, and a fight breaks out. Weapons come out of nowhere, but the leader of the motorcycle group is quick to deliver devastating blows with a massive hammer, and propel himself with a large rectangular contraption. Over twenty-three died in this the first assault. The second assault occurred in a local children’s park near the swing-set. Another twenty seven individuals were slaughtered. Both of these incidents occurred in neighborhoods where violence has been on the rise in less than a month.
But what do I bring to your attention? That is a good question. Let me preface my conclusions with a heartfelt apology. It seems I was mistaken in my assumption that Red Cloud was an ex-government agency.

Earlier that same day, a motorcycle with a large steel door on its side set off from a small church several miles away. That’s right folks, you guessed it. The perpetrator to the above incidents was none other than Pusher and his cronies Pinky and Spiney. So, why would these folks attack civilians? The obvious answer: These weren’t ordinary civilians. Of those killed almost all of them were members of a secretive organization known as the Open Hand. Not much is known about the open hand, but I’ll fill you in. They operate individually, but they stand together when faced by an opposition. Clearly this Open Hand refers to the Open Hand of God, marking this group as a religious organization. Thus, a religious war was started. No doubt Red Cloud is not an ex-government group, but a religious organization, trying to stop or bring about some unholy apocalypse. And my, what power they have. Rumors have it that one of the holy (or unholy) members of Red Cloud, known as Spiney, punched out somebody’s spinal column through the chest. Ironic, I know. Spiney punching out a spine. I was beginning to wonder with my previous conclusions, how these members were so skilled and deadly. What with the awakening occuring, it makes perfect sense that religion has also become an affected factor. No doubt their religious fervor has manifested in increased strength, combat prowess and the ability to destroy infidels. This latest developement changes everything. I have no doubt that the churches are involved. I’ll return to you when I have more information. This is WE’LLSEE signing off to SEE more. Later.


MrSmileys Devioushyde

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