Evan Tromden

Human, Short Brown hair, Blue-Green eyes, 5'9", dresses very well and obiously has quite a bit of money, is extreamly well spoken and has the tact of a diplomat.


Other stuff:
*He is currently dating Isabella Lightwood.
*In a 4.5 meter radius around him there is a taint to the mana (Rating 4 Background Count).
*He knows a lot about vehicles and their workings but cant fix them.

Stuff Isabella knows:
*He owns 5 pistols and seems to know how to use them.
*Several of the pistols he owns are favored by assassins.
*He enjoys comedy and the theater.
*He does not like the thought of Isabella in danger (either willingly or otherwise) and wants to protect her.
*He knows a lot about different guns and their design, function, use and care.
*He speaks both English and Japanese fluently.
*He graduated with honors from MIT and owns several of his own businesses.


Evan Tromden

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