Isabella Lightwood

Street Samurai


AGE: 32
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 6’1”
WEIGHT: 140 lbs
HAIR: brown and I like to keep it short
EYES: as blue as the sky
Ethnicity: UCSA

Stat Current/Un-augmented max Augmented Max
BODY: 7/7 (9)
AGILITY: 9/6 (9)
REACTION: 8/6 (9)
STRENGTH: 9/8 (9)
CHARISMA: 3/5 (9)
INTUITION: 4/6 (9)
LOGIC: 3/6 (9)
WILLPOWER: 6/6 (9)
TOTAL EDGE: 6/7 (7)
ESSENCE: 94/6 (6)
|Physical Damage Boxes:
|Stun Damage Boxes:


Skill or Skillgroup Ranks Attribute Dice Pool
Automatics 7 AGI 16
Assault Rifles 0 AGI 18
Pistols 6 AGI 15
Semi Automatics 0 AGI 17
Dodge 6 REA 14
Perception 6 INT 10
Gunnery 6 AGI 15
Infiltration 6 AGI 15
Tracking 4 INT 8
Parachuting 3 BOD 9
Unarmed Combat 4 AGI 13
Navigation 3 INT 7
Knowledge Ranks
Military 4
Special Forces 6
Security Procedures 4
Military 6
Security Design 4
Military 6
Knots 3
Trap Setting 3
Security Companies 3
Seattle Clubs 4
Languages: Proficiency
English N
Japanese Speak
Qualities (BP Cost)
Enemy (+15 bp)
SINner (+10 bp)
Day Job (medium) (+10 bp)
Restricted Gear (2 pieces) (-10bp)
Martial Arts (10 Karma)
Laijutsu (4 Karma)
Tough as Nails (20 Karma)
Speed Reading (10 Karma)
Photographic Memory (20 Karma)
Common Sense (10 Karma)
Weapons (Has many but only takes the few listed below to jobs)
Name DMG AP Mode RC Ammo Conceal
FN93 Practor 5 0 SA,FA,BF 3 50(clip) 4
flashlight silencer spare clips sling folding stock
Colt Gov. 2066 5 -1 SA 1 14(clip) 1
MODS spare clips laser sight electronic firing barrel extension

Holstered in Isabella’s cyber leg holster

HK Urban Combat 5 -4 SA,FA,BF 2 36(clip) 4
Accessories Sound Suppressor spare clips
Mods Ceramic/Plasteel Components lvl3 smartgun


Name Ballistic/Impact
Heavy Mil Spec 16/14
Mil Spec Helmet 2/2
Form Fitting Full 6/2
Total= 24/18
Encumberence= 21/17
Armor Mods
Mobility Upgrade Quick Release
Other Clothing Ballistic/Impact
Moonsilver Evening Gown + Showl 5/1
Steampunk Blouse 1/0
Steampunk Corset 2/2
Steampunk Slacks 1/1
Augmentations Essence cost
Skill Wires rating 3 48
Skill Wire Expert System 08
Commlink 16
Sim Module Hot-sim modified 16
Smartlink 08
Obvious Full Leg 8
Cyber Holster + Cyber Safety
|Optimized Cyberlimb
Wired Reflexes rating 2 2.1
Muscle Toner rating 3 6
Muscle Augmentation rating 3 6
Certified Cred Stick
Ares I.D. rating 6
Fake Sin rating 4
4 Flashbang
4 Smoke
CommLink OS Response System Signal Firewall
Erika Elite Mangadyne Deva 3 3 4 2
Programs-Mapsofts 6/6

Isabella Lightwood sister to Jace Lightwood; enlisted with the UCSA military at the age of 18. Continually moving up through the ranks Isabella found herself being enlisted into the special forces for special assignments in trouble areas.

You see the UCSA was having some problems with……Data Removed…..and that was also the mission where everything went FUBAR.
Huh guess I’m not allowed to talk about that mission or any others just yet,,oh well I guess it not really that important. Now I can reiterate what my brother probably already put in his bio about our parents but I won’t so if you want to know then read that stupid “exert” oh his.

What now you want to know about my team mates? Well whats there to tell; we have a female cat person that claims to have be apart of the Yakuza but all I’ve seen is that she was kidnapped by them and they gave her a new personality which we had to take the time to fix. There is also a man that can turn into a dragon at will and fly…which you know it pretty cool and it has its uses but thats about it. We also have a guy on our team that I don’t even want to mention. I mean this guy even touches anything not from our century and it like explodes or randomly goes off or sometimes will just fall apart. He is literally a walking hazard in this day and age. Last but not least there’s the orc….how do I explain him….hes your standard orc you know. Stupidly strong with an odor that could kill if you got to close.

I know it seems like I don’t like them but my brother and I have been with them for oh I don’t like it seems like its been a year and during our time together they’ve grown on me….even though I’m sure 1 or more of them has peeked on me either while I’m in the shower or changing.. *note to self make sure to keep Colt 2066 in cyber holster at all times for swift punishment.

Isabella Lightwood

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