Jace Lightwood

Driver + Mechanic


AGE: 32
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5’11"
WEIGHT: 187 lbs
HAIR: brown and I like to keep it short
EYES: as blue as the sky
Ethnicity: UCSA

Stat Current/Un-augmented max Augmented Max
BODY: 6/6 (9)
AGILITY: 9/6 (9)
REACTION: 8/6 (9)
STRENGTH: 6/6 (9)
CHARISMA: 2/6 (9)
INTUITION: 5/6 (9)
LOGIC: 5/6 (9)
WILLPOWER: 6/6 (9)
TOTAL EDGE: 6/7 (6)
ESSENCE: 2.4 (6)

Physical Damage Boxes 10

Stun Damage Boxes 11


Skill or Skillgroup Ranks Attribute Dice Pool
Mechanic (skill Group) 6 LOG 11
Shadowing 6 INT 11
Perception 6 INT 11
Dodge 6 REA 14
Pilot Ground craft 6 REA 14
Pilot Aircraft 6 REA 14
Pilot watercraft 6 REA 14
Pilot Exotic Vehicle (Zepplin) 2 REA 10
Navigation 6 INT 11
Automatics 6 AGI 15
Armorer 4 LOG 9
Knowledge Ranks
Engineering 5
Knots 4
Trap Setting 4
Smuggling Routes 5
Auto Mechanics 4
Boarder Patrol Tactics 4
Languages: Proficiency
English N
Qualities (BP Cost)
Enemy (+15 bp)
SINner (+10 bp)
Day Job (medium) (+10 bp) [Bought Off]
Tech School Edu (-5 bp)
Juryrigger (-10 bp)
Common Sense (10 Karma)
Weapon DMG AP MODE RC AMMO Conceal
HK Urban Combat 5p - SA,BF,FA 2 36(clip) 4
Name Ballistic/Impact
Red Samurai 13/13
Kabuto Helmet 2/2
full body suit 6/2
Total= 21/17
Emcumberence= 18/16
Wired Reflexes ll
Muscle Toner rating 3
Certified Cred Stick
Ares I.D. rating 6
Fake Sin rating 4
CommLink OS Response System Signal Firewall
Erika Elite Mangadyne Deva 3 3 4 2
Name Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor
Rover 2068 1 20/35 140 2 13 10 2
2 normal,internal,flexible,manual/remote turrets,Gridlink,Override
Ingram White Knight 6P -1 BF,FA 6 50(clip) 100(belt)
Ares MP-LMG 6P -1 BF,FA 3 50(clip) 100(belt)

Both are equipped with EX-explosive rounds, belt fed

Hyundai Shin Hyung 2 24/54 192 1 10 5 1
|Morphing License Plate
Spoof Chip Run Flat Tire rating 7 Nitros Injection Engine customization speed Accel
Seacop 0 10/20 60 1 14 14 2
|ECCM rating 3
Heavy weapon turret
Tata Hotspur 1 20/50 200 6 16 10 2
Extreme Environment(Desert) Personal Armor 3 Off Road Suspension Engine Customization Smart Tires Morphing License Plate Spoof Chip Pilot Program rating 6 Weapon Mount Reinforced, External, Turret Flexibility, Armored Control Road Strip Ejector(Zapper Strip) Manual Control Override Manual Controls Gridlink Gridlink Override

Ares Vigorous Assault Cannon 10P -5 SS 12(clip)
Has spare clips

Jace is the gear head of the group as well as the driver. He likes to be behind the wheel of a vehicle of any kind since he can pilot just about all of them except for the most exotic of vehicles. He is the brother to Isabella Lightwood and they are very tight knit and tight lipped about their history.

Exert from Jace’s Book of Thoughts (NOT A Diary)
My parents were murdered on my graduation day. My sister and I have looked for information on who it might have been and we have some ideas ourselves but have no way to confirm our suspicions. Here’s who we think did it…someone from an old clan that our family used to be a part of. The clan itself was a hate clan much like the KKK of old, believing in keeping the blood pure from these “awakened” beings. But as the years went by people in the clan started to hate this “pure human” mind set and so they left. My grandparents where one of the ones that left; as they were walking away they were warned that their “seed” would be hunted down and that they wouldn’t stop until the “traitors” kin was wiped from the face of existence. Well as my sister and I were growing up we heard news clips about killings and how it seemed like there was a purpose to them and here’s the kicker…each one had 2 bullets holes in the chest and 1 in the head. Not only that but their homes were shot up like there was this huge fire fight but I suspect that the house was shot up to hide the fact that these were very professional hits.

The fact is only those that live in the shadows can help us track this person down and so we run with them. My sister and I were approached by a representative from The Dead to see if we would like to do some work for them and in exchange they would help us with our search for the assassin. We agreed and so here we are now….though I think The Dead has the information already and is holding out on us I’m ok with that. The group we’re running with is….interesting to say the least.

Jace Lightwood

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