Ryuunosuke Shinobu

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There once was an Oyabun (Yakuza family boss) named Akio. He was the leader of the Takahiro family. He was getting old is his age. All his life he wanted to have a real son to inherit he’s fortune and position. But now it seemed that it was not gong to come happen. Still cleaning to the dream he went to an orphanage to find him self a son worthy to receive all he had. He found him. A boy that was a natural athlete, charismatic personality, and he could tell from the moment he say him that he had great potential. No one knew who his parents were, so no family ties to sever. He adopted him named him Hayate.

Akio raised him and taught him all he knew. He was trained to be a strong fighter and a strong leader. He quickly began moving up the ranks of the Family. He was almost at the rank of shateigashira, but something pulling him away from the path. While the boss never had a son, he did have a daughter named Takumi. And Hayate fell for her and began to lust after her. When the father found out about the affair he was greatly opposed to the idea. And offer the boy two choices. Either he gives up on the girl and some day become Oyabun or leave the family and the yakuza. He choose to leave and suffered greatly both physically and socially.

The girl
Since Akio wanted a boy the girl was given a boy’s name, Takumi. But many said it fit her since she was more like a boy then a girl. Takumi resented the boy at first because she wanted to be Oyabun. So growing up she only saw the boy as a rival. She was always bulling him and inserting her superiority over him. This was easy at first since he was untrained. But Hayate quickly caught up and surpassed her. So through out their childhood they were in constant competition. But she too developed feels for the boy; partly because he was one of the few that saw her as a girl. And when the boy choice to leave she was tempted to go with him, but she still wanted to be Oyabun and saw this as her opportunity to fulfill her dream. And part of her regrets it.

The father
At first Hayate was just his way to continue his legacy, but truly did come to see him as his own son. Which is why the discovery of him and his daughter came as such a disgust to him. And since it seemed that him and the daughter acted like enemies only increase his surprise. Fearing what others may think and wishing to stop what he saw as a wicked thing he offered him the ultimatum. He didn’t think that he would choice to leave. Since a yakuza boss must demand absolute loyalty and obedience he had no choice but to punish him. He took blade and slashing his face taking out his eye. He also let the rest of the family exact punishment on him. And issue a do not help order to not only the Family, but the other families as well. All though he wished he didn’t have to.

The boy
Since Hayate knows what it means to have nothing and to be nothing he seeks fame and fortune. But through his training in the yakuza he learned to seek respect and honor. From the beginning he was attracted to the daughter, but since she was technically his sister he tried to suppress it. But it only got worse as he got older. And would look forward to the times that she would come and challenge him. Him would something lose on purpose so she would come back. And was very happy to find that she had fallen for him as well. But by the disgust of his father he could tell that he could never remain under his father’s influence. But he also knew that he could never give her up, so he had no choice but to leave. He was a little hurt that she did not come with him, but understood why she didn’t.

Beaten, cut, and alone he set of to find some help, but to his surprise no one would help him, not knowing about the do not help order. Not even the other families would help him. Having nothing and no one he decided to start over. Using want little money the girl was able to sneak to him and after his burses healed he began to start again. He decided to change his name to Shinobu, Ryuunosuke and to become a Runner. He swears that he will someday reclaim all the fortune and influence he once had. All though he knows it’s not going to happen, but part him also wishes to someday to return to Takumi.

After being a runner for some time he got his eye replaced with cyberware. But he still has the scar up and down his face. He also has body tattoo of a two headed dragon wrapped around his body with a heads starting behind each ear and arms and claw going all the way to his hands. This was given to him to represent his power and his fighting style. Ryuu was naturally ambidextrous and when learning to fight he decided to two is better then one, so he always fought with two weapons. He was known as the two headed dragon of Kyoto.

Hayate got a legal SIN when he was adopted and was never convicted of a crime when working in the Yakuza, but with the wish to forget the past and start anew he got a new Fake SIN for his new name. Hayate is also on file with the Mitsuhama corp. since the Takahiro Family is one of the Families that work with them. Most of the Yakuza Families knew of Hayate and know of his banding from the Yakuza and the order from Akio, but only a few know of the reason. Thanks to Akio’s ability to silence rumors. So most will not help him without some “convincing”.

The family
The Takahiro is not one of the biggest Families, but one of the richest and influential ones. Mainly do to there secret dealings with to the Mitsuhama corp. They are mainly based in Kyoto. They are made up of about 5,000 members and 10 clans. The family was founded in 2067 after the withdrawal of Mitsuhama from Tsimshian.

Ryuunosuke Shinobu

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