Char Gen

The standard Build Point system is used and you must follow all rules and restrictions that the books have in place. The only Exception to this is that a standard character in my campaign setting starts with 450 BP instead of the standard 400, but 25 points of the 450 must go to Nuyen for purchasing starting gear or lifestyles.

If your just now joining my game or your character dies and you want/need to make a new one just talk to me and I will give you a new BP max.

Books Allowed

I allow anything from the Core Rulebook without prior permission to be used when building your character unless it has been expressly banned on my Banned Items page. Otherwise if you find something that you want to use from any of the other books (Runners Companion, Augmentation, Arsenal, etc…) then I need to be informed of it. Most times I will allow it but as this system is extremely complex I may recommend something different but not disallow you from building it.

Char Gen

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