Custom Gear


This suit of obvious interlocking plates of armor covers the entire body. It has capacity like an armor suit with a helmet, and encumbers as one. It provides one point of ballistic and impact armor per rating, and has a minimum rating of 4, and a maximum rating of 3x the user’s body attribute. Exo-skin grants 2 bonus dice for social skill tests, because it looks totally cool. It also has cyberlimb capacity of 1 per rating, and can accept most mods with the exceptions of attribute enhancements and cyberlimb armor.
Exo-skin can be upgraded.

Essence cost: Rating * 0.1
Nuyen cost: Rating * 3000
Avail: (Rating * 1)+2R

Militiary Exo-skin

This suit of high-grade implanted armor works like Exo Skin, but is additionally hardened to withstand even the most devastating impacts. It provides armor of 1 point per rating, with a minimum rating of 6, and a maximum rating of 4x the user’s body attribute. It has cyberlimb capacity equal to 2x its rating, and can accept most mods with the exception of attribute enhancements and cyberlimb armor.

Essence cost: Rating * 0.1
Cost: Rating * 5000
Avail: (Rating * 1)+10R

Null Bones (Rating 1-4)

Null Bones are a recent manatech discovery by S-K. Oricalchum rods are treated in a secret procedure to really muddle the mana flow of any body they’re implanted in. They grant their host an (involuntary) Object Resistance equal to their Rating. (The host still gets normal resistance to magic.) These things are absolute horror to spellcasters however, because they subtract their Rating from their host’s effective Magic rating.

Essence: Rating * 0.5
Cost: Rating * 20.000
Availability: (Rating * 6)R

Custom Gear

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