The Dead

At the speed way

So this is a little unexpected, Evan invited me along with Izzy (don’t tell her I put that she hates when I call her that) to the speedway. sigh the speedway is one place I’ve always wanted to go but more than that I’ve always wanted to drive the vehicles. You know. I mean racing down the track….pushing Mach 7 or so..arhh it’s like one of those unreachable dreams.

Anyway I of course went with especially since it was to the speedway. We get there and to my surprise we aloud to walk among the vehicles, both cars and hover cars. Several time I had to check myself to wipe some of the drool that was leaking out of my mouth. But nothing gets by Evan and he asked if I wanted to drive some…(in head…No I don’t want to drive any I just want to walk around looking at them…are you beeping kidding me of course I want to what kind of stupid question is that) Hell yeah is what I actually said.

The thing about all of them is that you had to wear a g-force suit so that your body won’t feel all of the g’s that are being exerted onto the car and your body. I was able to drive 3 of them, one being a hover car which I got to take of a half mile speed course and really put it through its paces. sigh they wouldn’t let me drive the drag hover cars though…said I wasn’t qualified or I didn’t have the training or something like that to be able to drive them…oh well at least I got to see them speed down their perspective tracks. The tracks being half mile and 1 mile long drag tracks.

Needless to say it was the best day of my life. If I didn’t enjoy being alive I would pay Evan to marry my sister and even though she would probably agree she would still kill me on principle alone.

-Jace Lightwood


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