The Dead

Avoiding the "Bad Magic"

what does one do in such a situation..? Riding vehicles seems to aggravate me but I guess this isn’t so bad. At least crowbar can’t toss me out of a window or something as long as I’m- CLANG! CLANG! “Hoobriis! are you okay down there?!”
just ignore him, it’s probably better if he thinks you’re dead.

(Hubris Under The Bus Theater: Crowbar’s Checkup):

Crowbar: “I will go see how hubris is doing.”
Ryu: “how are you going to check while the bus is moving?”
Sasha: ayayayayaieeeeee!!!
Hubris: * splat! *


on second thought… “shut up crowbar.”
“Oh I see you are not dead Hubriis.”
I really do need some padding down here. And a bathroom. hopefully we stop for a break soo-! “Gah!! yeah hello to you too metal cargo storage compartment…” I guess I’d better step out now.

Seems like we’ve been stopped for inspection. I guess now’s a good a time as any. (* CENSORED * for the sake of your sanity, and what little love for the world you still hold, this journal will not reveal the horrors of Hubris’ bodily functions!) Why does the bush always look so terrified afterward? I guess I’d better pickup that tree that fell over too. wasn’t it a different color before… well that’s not important. Oh it looks like it’s our bus’ turn for inspection. No need to worry about me officer, I’m heading back to my cell now anyway.


MrSmileys squaknmoose

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