The Dead

Avoiding the "Bad Magic" II

Back on the road again. It seems like something’s going on outside, and crowbar hasn’t checked on me in a while… Is that gunfire? and a motorcycle maybe? and what was that huge crashing noise?… …

(Hubris’ Under The Bus Theater: Convoy Calamity)

Crowbar Mobile: innocent school bus am I! ha-haaaa!
innocent victims: we are loving our safe and happy lives! yeah!
crowbar: oh we need to take that exit.
Jace: there are too many cars in the way.
crowbar: … * point! *
innocent victims: “our happy lives are now forfeit!” awwww…
crowbar: the exit is ready now * innocent?! smile *
police: it’s that orc!
Toreneko: * Gunfire *


The motorcycle must have been crowbar too i guess. Oh well I guess we’re going to die today as well. * CRASH!! * that was fast.

“oh hello again cold-unfeeling compartment wall, you seem especially aggressive today.”

They could at least not crash the bus while I’m in here. * CRUUUNCH!!! * well that was probably the sound of something deadly… it sounded like something heavy fell from the sky onto something else… this does not surprise me. I think I’ll take a nap… thud! “Ow!” why is the road suddenly bumpy..? and… squishy..? …I’m going to ignore the snapping, crunching noises… yeahhhh… I really need to get some padding down here after all.


MrSmileys squaknmoose

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