The Dead

The Concrete Jungle... and the jungle Crowbar "invited" me to.

I wonder if my violin really enjoys having the bow dragged across it all the time. I haven’t had much time to think about that.

“well I guess I could just ask right P-”

“Everyone! Hubris and I are going to the zoo! anyone else want to come?!”

i don’t want to go, I’m not going. “Crowbar I—” lifted into an under the arm carry

“Time to go Hoobriss!” I am not going * managed escape * * grabbed by collar * * commence dragging *

“(heavy sigh)” I am so making him take me to the opera later…

the zoo ticket booth doesn’t look to hard to break into a million pieces but crowbar didn’t take out his hammer or knock anyone unconscious yet. Crowbar is actually purchasing the tickets! a little surprising. I just assumed…

(Hubris Dragged By The Crowbar Theater):

ticket booth employee: tickets are- * Thoroughly greeted by Sasha *
Sasha: free!
Crowbar: alright Huoobris, which animal do you want to get eaten by first?
zoo patron (child): Mommy what’s that? is it a gorilla?
Zoo Patron (Mother):No honey, that’s what we call an abominaaaaation, say it with me a-b-o-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n.


of course crowbar wouldn’t notice the joke being made at his expense as he’s too preoccupied finding the most dangerous animal he can throw me too…
(end interrupt)
zoo security: stop right there or we’ll shoot!
Crowbar: oooohhhh look at these monkeys hoobriiiis they look angry. snap
zoo security (flaming monkeys): aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I couldn’t be in any more pain!
crowbar: off we go to the lions den Hoobrisss, and then the awakened lions den!
Hubris(inside lion, well… several lions): no thanks.


this is definitely not what i had expected. maybe I could enjoy myself her-

“we’re gonna see big kitties Hubris” * re-commence dragging * * add bouncing off pavement *

I would say hello to you metal bars but you’re squishing my face- Oh! and I guess i can’t very well greet this giant set of teeth in front of me either…

“Isn’t it cute Hubriis? I think it likes you.” yeah I’m pretty sure it does. From the bottom of its stomach…

“ooooohhhh! I think it would be a good idea for you to have fun with thee sharks!” He’s going to take me there anyway right..? let’s just hope the sharks aren’t hungry…
oh it looks like someone is guarding the aquarium. I’m sorry sir but you probably won’t be seeing your family again poor Mr. security. Maybe i should-

“Um excuse me, you aren’t allowed to enter the aquarium”

“Hoobriss is going to fight with your sharks” * stun bolt * (I’m sorry for you Mr. Security)

“Yeah, no” * ? * (well that was unexpected)

why am I suddenly waking up? and what’s this note? “please don’t come back

“well I guess we’d better leave now crowb-”

“let’s go see the gorillas!” …spare me.


MrSmileys squaknmoose

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